Sports Facilities

Long noise decay times make it difficult to understand direct conversation and public address

Sports Facilities

Sports Facilities can be described as large areas with a predominance of hard, flat surfaces sometimes including large areas of water and large seating arrangements for spectators. Public address systems are utilized to convey pertinent information to both participants and spectators during scheduled events. In most cases, the ambient noise factors are high as well as the reverberation time for noise decay making it very hard to hear and understand any reasonable intelligible audio-whether direct conversation or via the public address systems. These sports facilities suffer from this phenomenon and have since their inception unless they have been designed or modified to control noise and reverberation.

The hard surfaces that usually abound inside these facilities consist of floors, walls, ceilings and other partitions that make up the facility. These surfaces provide for an unattenuated reflection of all sounds produced inside these facilities and due to the intermodulation and reverberation effect make audio performance suffer greatly deteriorating the ability to discern the spoken word throughout the facility.

Troy Acoustics™ has perfected designs and Troy Products™ to reduce these unwanted aberrations of sound quality to tolerable levels throughout a treated facility. The use of Troy Wool™ and Troy Board™ on the walls and ceiling structures will provide an excellent performing facility that allows normal conversations and public address announcements to exist during the use of the facility as it was designed. The type of sporting event will bear no adverse reaction from the application of the Troy System™ and will, in fact, be enhanced due to the control of objectionable noises usually associated with these sporting activities.

Troy System™ designs and materials will provide the desired reverberation for these sporting facilities. Whether a basketball facility, a swimming facility or a multi-purpose facility, the Troy System materials will GUARANTY that your facility will have your preferred reverberation time. Troy System™ products carry an Underwriters Laboratory certificate, are mildew resistant, water proof, very durable and can be painted. The overall level of performance is such that the Troy System™ designs, materials and installations enhance the entire facility by quieting down the ambient noise to tolerable levels and inducing quality audio capabilities.

Troy Acoustics™ can help you with a design solution for your specific facility and will provide a guarantee of performance and with on-site test results after project completion. Troy System™ products can be designed into a new facility or added on to an existing facility to provide the required sound abatement.

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