Highway Noise Barriers

Highway Noise Barriers

Troy Acoustics™ has designed and built highway sound barriers and walls in many locations that have reduced the sound of highway traffic and have added a measure of aesthetic enhancement to local communities with our Troy System™ products and installations.

Proven results show major noise reduction: Highway traffic continues to increase and with it, a variety of sound levels are also on the rise. Local communities and in particular, bedroom communities close to large metropolitan areas, are experiencing a huge rise in vehicular traffic and resultant objectionable sound levels. The sound barrier concept has been in use for many years and has been proven to be successful in limiting the transference of vehicle sound levels into these communities. The Troy System™ designs and products are excellent performers in this regard and have proven very successful in limiting traffic noise from the roadways into local neighborhoods and quiet areas.

System description: The Troy System™ wall integrates a standard wide-flange vertical column with the Troy System™ panels, which are attached to the steel vertical column via a weld plate on the back side of the panel. This design eliminates the need for a horizontal footing from column to column. The Troy System™ panels are the only wall design with an NRC of .85 for absorption of the highway sound level and an STC 50, which significantly reduces the highway sound level from being intrusive to the residents or businesses on the other side of the wall. The Troy System™ materials do not support fungi growth, are fire rated for 0 flame spread and 0 smoke developed. Since the only variable is the vertical structural column, each Troy System™ project is structurally designed for soil density, the wind loads and seismic zone. The residential side of the wall is flexible in texture and colors.

Easy panel replacement: The Troy System™ panels are attached to the vertical structural elements, thus they can be replaced when a collision occurs. The wall is paintable to enhance the local visual continuity of each community. Since the Troy System™ incorporates standard construction methods, underground work is not inhibited such as electrical feeds for wall illumination, fiber, cable and other data cables.

The Troy Acoustics™ designs and Troy System™ products are proven in the industry and can enhance your project, while minimizing the expense and inconvenience for a project of this type, which will, out of necessity, require many local adjustments during the course of the entire project. However, the flexibility of the Troy System™ and the ease of installation, these inconveniences are minimized while at the same time the sound abatement qualities of the barrier are the absolute best in the industry and the appearance of the wall will improve the view on both sides of the installation.

The Troy “Fastlane” System of highway noise barriers has the highest Leq (equivalent continuous sound level) isolation values of any highway sound wall design. The modular barrier panel employs the sound absorption of the Troy System on the highway side in a concrete “Picture Frame” which eliminates reverberation time between parallel sound walls while maintaining isolation on the residential side.

Troy Acoustics Portland Cement/Wood Fiber Noise Barrier Design

Troy Boards (TB) are made from Portland Cement and wood fibers resulting as the superior acoustical performance material for loud noise environments. Troy Boards are low VOC and are sourced from sustainably managed forests.

Physical Properties

  • Zero (0) Flame Spread as per UL
  • Zero (0) Smoke Developed as per UL
  • NRC of .85 per Riverbank Laboratory

Applicable Standards

  • Acoustical per Riverbank Laboratory ASTM C423-09a, ASTM E90-09 and E413-10
  • Microbiological Testing per Accugen Labs
  • ASTM G21, ASTM E 2180
  • Fire Ratings per Underwriters Laboratory
  • ASTM E84 as per UL 723

Load Weights

  • 1300lbs./panel per testing @ 8’ in length
  • 41.2 lbs./sq. ft. 8’ in length
  • 2225 lbs./ panel  4’.5 x 12’

Size Dimensions

  • Troy Board dimensions 4” x 47¾” x 11’-6”
  • Panel Dimension 7¾” x 60” W x 11′ 9’” L


  • Fire Rating per Underwriters Laboratory
  • Report # R27255-20120503
  • Acoustical Performance per Riverbank Laboratory Report # RAL– A11-208a, TL11-239
  • Anti-Fungal and Anti-Microbial tests per
  • Accugen Laboratory Report # 175034, # 175035

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