Digital Broadcast Centers

Achieve the same NC rating with far less wall thickness.

Digital Broadcast Centers

Troy Acoustics™ and its personnel have been involved in the Broadcasting, Movie and Recording industries for well over thirty years. Troy Acoustics™ has designed and installed acoustical treatments for dozens of facilities, for both new and updating purposes. The Troy System™ products, designs and installation techniques have provided quality, noise free, environments for all types of facilities where original programming is produced, enhanced or modified.

NOISE ISOLATION: The Troy System™ products and installations can reduce unwanted outside-the-facility noise incursions, as well as eliminate internal sounds that are developed by the facility itself. Outside sound levels such as vehicular traffic, trains, aircraft and local construction are minimized to well below the threshold of interfering with inside-the-studio operations. The Troy System designs, when implemented, WILL provide lower NC levels than other acoustical fiberglass products. This lower NC level creates the perfect rooms for Voice Over recording, Mixing or “On Air” production, GUARANTEED!

REVERBERATION CONTROL: The same Troy System™ that can provide a CERTIFIED STC rating of 72 and lower will also provide high absorption of NRC values. The Troy System materials can be designed to integrate with HVAC, lighting systems and grids. The Troy System GUARANTY is the choice of major broadcasting facilities nationwide.

MEETS NFPA 286: The Troy System™ meets the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) 286: STANDARD METHODS OF FIRE TESTS FOR EVALUATING CONTRIBUTION OF WALL AND CEILING INTERIOR FINISH TO ROOM FIRE GROWTH, AND other guidelines set by government and private entities.

UL HIGHEST RATING IN INDUSTRY: smoke developed of ZERO (0) and flame spread ZERO (0). The UL fire rating of Zero makes the Troy System a safer choice over competing fiberglass products.

SYSTEM USED IN MULTIPLE BROADCAST APPLICATIONS: Troy System™ products are also utilized in other facility areas such as edit booths, post production areas, quality control technical areas, conference rooms and areas with a high incidence of internally-generated noise, such as rack rooms, server areas and other specialized areas within the facility.

Radio control rooms and production areas also are benefiting from our products and designs. The transference to all digital operations has placed a lot of new sound/noise reduction requirements on these types of facilities and our design and install process lends to those required facility changes that bring the facility up to the new technical standards.

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