Shooting Range Acoustics

Shooting Range Acoustics

Troy Acoustics, the worldwide leader in indoor, and outdoor shooting range noise control and acoustics, offers the world’s highest acoustic rating and the shooting range industry’s only guaranteed solution at a competitive per square foot price.

Basic requirements must be met: Whether you are building a commercial range, law enforcement facility or military range you must consider some of the same basic safety elements. Most of them have to do with compliance whether it is OSHA, local noise ordinances, your Fire Marshal’s concerns (NFPA 286) or meeting a military specification such as the RT60 in the USAF ETL or the US Army Corps of Engineers noise performance criteria.

Getting started: Troy site-specific shop drawings are designed to meet specific criteria. Drawings are typically required by your architect or range designer for projects that go out to bid. For those of you on a limited budget and are willing to put in a little “sweat equity” will find our “How to Specify the Troy System” a handy alternative for commercial range applications. Drawings and an order form are also available in the Resource Library.

Need help in the planning process: Members of the Troy Team are available on a fee basis to represent you at public meetings or with the zoning commission to address noise concerns. If you elect to order site specific shop drawings, a system will be designed to meet your OSHA CFR 29 noise exposure limits as well as your local noise ordinance requirements…guaranteed in writing.

Troy Engineered Site-specific designs meet OSHA CFR29 noises exposure limits, your local ordinances and the NFPA 286 requirements. The US Army Corps of Engineers noise performance criteria, the recognized shooting range industry standard states “The installed materials shall provide a Reverb Time (RT60) of 1.3 seconds or less at all firing positions in the range, in all octave bands from 125 to 8000 Hz in accordance with Title 29, OSHA CFR Part 1910.95 Table G16, DODI 6055.12, and DA PAM 40-501. Any material submitted must have independent verification of an RT60 of 1.3 seconds or less from a nationally recognized research laboratory.”

  • Meets OSHA guidelines for CFR29 noise exposure limits and the US Air Force ETL
  • Guarantees a 1.25 reverberation time (RT60)
  • UL approved with Smoke developed ZERO (0) and Flame spread ZERO (0)
  • Meets NFPA286 requirements
  • Certified for anti-ricochet and anti-splatter properties by United States Air Force
  • Inch for inch, dollar for dollar the highest NRC and STC ratings in the industry
  • Absorbs 95% of all muzzle blast energy, at all frequencies
  • Density: Troy Soundboard™ has a minimum density of not less than 2-pounds per square-foot per 1-inch
  • Density: Troy Wool™ has a nominal density of no less than 2.5 pounds per cubic foot (if this is per cubic foot should be spelled out)
  • Acoustic properties guaranteed for the life of the installed Troy System materials.

Shooting Range Acoustics

The Troy “Caliber” Acoustics system for indoor and outdoor shooting ranges consists of Troy’s Portland Cement wood fiber boards, Mineral wool, metal furring elements and fasteners. It is the only system rated EXCELLENT for acoustics by the US Army Corps of Engineers in a small-arms range study. Designed to maintain a 1.5 second reverberation time, the Troy System is compliant with the military standard, UFC 4-179-02, for indoor ranges. For outdoor ranges, the Troy system helps mitigate sound that would otherwise be intrusive to neighbors.

The Troy system passed a USAF test as anti-ricochet and anti-splatter. Troy Boards are anti-microbial and are UL batch-tested to rate zero (0) smoke-developed and zero (0) flame-spread. Humidity proof, Troy Boards stand up well to the elements.

To achieve maximum results, Troy recommended designs for indoor ranges include full treatment of walls, ceilings and baffles.

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Wood Wool Portland Cement Acoustic Boards and Mineral Wool Backing

Troy boards are made from Portland Cement and wood fibers giving them superior acoustical performance in loud noise environments. Troy Boards (TB) are low VOC and are sourced from sustainable forests. Troy Wool (TW) is a 2.5 lbs. density mineral wool, produced from Basalt rocks. The Troy System materials are natural and organic in composition.

Physical Properties

  • Zero (0) Flame Spread as per UL
  • Zero (0) Smoke Developed as per UL
  • NRC of .85 for Baffles/Safety Ceiling
  • NRC of .89 for Range Walls
  • Acoustical tests per Riverbank Laboratory
  • NRC 1.0 for absorption ceiling
  • Waterproof, can be used outdoors
  • Does not support Fungi Growth
  • Does not support Microbial growth
  • Reverberation time (RT60) of 1.5 seconds
  • Splatter Ricochet Protection without Plywood

Applicable Standards

  • Acoustical per Riverbank Laboratory ASTM C423-09a, ASTM E795-05
  • CAC per USG Testing ASTM E1414-16
  • Microbiological Testing per Accugen Labs ASTM G21, ASTM E 2180
  • Splatter & Ricochet Protection testing by USAF

Size Dimensions

  • Troy Board dimensions 2”x 23⅝”x 94½”
  • Troy Board dimensions 1”x 23⅝”x 94½”
  • Troy Tile dimensions 1”x 23⅝”x 23⅝”
  • Troy Wool dimensions 2”x24’x48”

Load Weights

  • 1” TB and2”TW for baffles for 3.5 lbs./sq. ft.
  • 1” TB and2”TW for safety ceilings for 3.5 lbs./sq. ft.
  • 2” TB and2”TW for walls for 5 lbs./sq. ft.
  • 1” TB and6”TW for absorption ceilings for 3.5 lbs./sq. ft.


  • 5 Year Free Replacement Warranty for US military and Law Enforcement
  • Fire Rating per Underwriters Laboratory Report # R27255-20120503
  • Acoustical Performance per Riverbank Laboratory Report # RAL–A11-205, A11-206
  • Anti-Fungal and Anti-Microbial tests per Accugen Laboratory Report # 175034, # 175035

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Visit our Resource Library for more details!

Everything is there to get started, drawings, order forms, a “How to…” and even a generic specification you can use on your RFP to assure OSHA and NFPA 286 compliance. If you don’t have a lot of time to go through the library just spend a couple of minutes and view our video.

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