Soundstage Acoustics

Soundstage Acoustics

Movie sound stages also benefit from our systems in that the traditional stage use can be modified, as necessary, to meet the demands of multiple functions within one large facility. Sound levels normally associated with movie production do not bode well in the TV production environment and with the Troy System™ materials in place, both types of operations can take place simultaneously, without sounds from one interfering with the other.

In short, Troy System™ products and designs can upgrade existing facilities and add to the enhancement for production of digital audio requirements for any facility that will be utilized for technical productions, regardless of the format – TV, Radio, Movie or Post Production. Let us know how we can help update your facility or provide input to your designers to insure the performance you anticipate and require.

Soundstage Acoustics

The Troy “Soundstage” System can take a metal shell of a building and achieve an astonishing NC 18 rating, saving million (if not 10s of millions!) over a traditional concrete tilt-up. The Troy system takes into account all MEPs and can be delivered anywhere in the world and constructed using Troy designs.


Troy “Soundstage” System: Wood Wool Portland Cement Acoustic Boards and Mineral Wool Backing

Troy Boards (TB) are produced from Portland Cement and wood fibers resulting as the superior acoustical performance material for loud noise environments. Troy Boards are low VOC and are sourced from sustainably managed forests.

Troy Wool (TW) is a 2.5 lbs. density mineral wool, produced from Basalt rocks. The Troy System materials TB and TW are natural and organic in composition.

Physical Properties

  • Zero (0) Flame Spread as per UL
  • Zero (0) Smoke Developed as per UL
  • NRC of .85 for Baffles/Safety Ceiling
  • NRC of .89 for Range Walls
  • Acoustical tests per Riverbank Laboratory
  • NRC 1.0 for absorption ceiling
  • Waterproof, can be used outdoors
  • Does not support Fungi Growth
  • Does not support Microbial growth
  • Reverberation time (RT60) of 1.5 seconds

Applicable Standards

  • Acoustical per Riverbank Laboratory ASTM C423-09a, ASTM E795-05
  • CAC per USG Testing
  • ASTM E1414-16
  • Microbiological Testing per Accugen Labs
  • ASTM G21, ASTM E 2180
  • Splatter & Ricochet Protection testing by USAF
  • Fire Rating per Underwriters Laboratory ASTM E84 as per UL 723

Size Dimensions

  • Troy Board dimensions 2” x 23⅝” x 94½”
  • Troy Board dimensions 1” x 23⅝” x 94½”
  • Troy Tile dimensions 1” x 23⅝” x 23⅝”
  • Troy Wool dimensions 2” x 24’ x 48”
  • Troy Wool dimensions 6” x 24” x 48”

Load Weights

  • 1” TB and 2” TW for baffles for 3.5 lbs./sq. ft.
  • 1” TB and 2” TW for safety ceilings for 3.5 lbs./sq. ft.
  • 2” TB and 2” TW for walls for 5 lbs./sq. ft.
  • 1” TB and 6” TW for absorption ceilings for 3.5 lbs./sq. ft.


  • Fire Rating per Underwriters Laboratory
  • Report # R27255-20120503
  • Acoustical Performance per Riverbank Laboratory Report # RAL– A11-205, A11-206
  • Anti-Fungal and Anti-Microbial tests per
  • Accugen Laboratory Report # 175034, # 175035

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