Digital Production and Recording Studios

Acoustics for the Digital Age

Whatever side of the media business you’re in, digital age technology demands heightened acoustics for these modern audio sensitive environments.

Take the process of laying down recording content in its raw form. With the specifications for 7.1 surround sound, Dolby, and AES recording, the industry requires maximum protection from noise generated in adjacent spaces. Audio engineers and user groups demand sophisticated absorbency in the frequencies that matter most.

And the Troy System delivers.

In the processing end, your sophisticated tools for audio sweetening, compression, expansion and equalization need sophisticated acoustics for your optimal working environment. And Troy delivers again, with a Noise Criteria results of (NC) 18 to put you at or below the industry standard.

Best of all, the Troy System delivers everything you need with a wall thickness up to 67% less than traditional soundstage and studio design.

We all know, great content is never an accident. A brilliant soundscape can lift a motion picture, or a masterful soundtrack to greatness.

Let Troy engineering excellence help get you there.

"Everything you need with a wall thickness up to 67% less”

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