Animal Shelters

Troy Acoustics™ Corporation and the multi-faceted designs and products it produces are well versed in the requirements of animal shelters for the purpose of reducing objectionable sounds from within the facility and minimizing their transference to locations outside and adjacent to the shelter building and grounds.

Troy System™ products are designed to capture the animal sound levels, such as dogs barking and significantly reduce those sound levels from being objectionable and intrusive to the neighbors and the employees of the facility. The Troy System™ specifications meet all the requirements currently set forth by OSHA 29CFR 1910.95 as well as NFPA 286: STANDARD METHODS OF FIRE TESTS FOR EVALUATING CONTRIBUTION OF WALL AND CEILING INTERIOR FINISH TO ROOM FIRE GROWTH and other guidelines set by government and private entities. The Troy System™ designs will reduce normal noisy environments to below allowable levels for animal and human safety.

Animal Shelters are normally located within areas of close proximity to neighbors who cannot or will not tolerate the kinds of sounds that emanate from these facilities. Noise ordinances must be met in these locations. The Troy System can be designed into a new facility or added to an existing facility, which now must meet new restrictive noise abatement conditions of operation.

Workers inside the facility are protected by various codes and restrictions to insure they are not working in harmful influences of the noises generated within the facility. These codes and regulations ensure a safe working environment to prevent hearing loss and other forms of medical problems which can develop due to constant loud and objectionable noise level while in the workplace. In some cases, testing is required to determine the type and volume of existing sounds to determine the solution required to abate the situation to safe levels.

Troy System™ products, designs and installations are proven performers in the reduction of sounds to below required specifications. The Troy System™ designs installations and resulting performance characteristics are guaranteed by Troy Acoustics™. If budgeted, a written report of the actual measurements is presented to the owner at project completion-something that no other company can or will do. Troy personnel will consult with the owners, offer detailed plans, supply all the required materials and do the installation or provide installation assistance, as necessary.

Let Troy Acoustics™ give you the tools you need to meet your project goals and insure your facility meets all internal and external requirements and codes to insure a quiet facility and appealing workplace.

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