Who are we? 

Troy Acoustics Corporation (TAC), a small business, was incorporated in 2004 by our company founder Bill Bergiadis, who designed and developed the patented and highest-rated Sound-Wall system in the world. The Troy System designs, products and installation have been utilized by the Broadcasting Industry, the U.S. Government and many other entities requiring a noise-free operating environment. The Troy System™ provides a simple solution for complex noise problems for isolation and reverberation control.

The Troy System materials provide design solutions for five main categories and have a proven track record of performance for shooting ranges, highway noise barriers, broadcasting and film production facilities, sports facilities, animal shelters and general industry application.

Not only has the Troy System received a 72 STC (the highest sound transmission class rating of any known acoustic product in the industry); the system is waterproof, UL approved (flame spread – zero (0) and smoke developed – zero (0) and meets the 2012 NFPA 286: STANDARD METHODS OF FIRE TESTS FOR EVALUATING CONTRIBUTION OF WALL AND CEILING INTERIOR FINISH TO ROOM FIRE GROWTH. It is critical that you meet these fire standards in interior environments; especially in a shooting range where you are subjected to accelerants such as gun powder.

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