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Troy Acoustics, the worldwide leader in indoor, and outdoor shooting range noise control and acoustics, offers the world’s highest acoustic rating and the shooting range industry’s only guaranteed solution.

Hear For YourselfChandler Arizona Police Department Indoor Shooting Range Before and After Treatment With The Troy System™

New From Troy Acoustics – Troy – Acoustic Shooting Shed Kit™

New From Troy – Commercial/Gun Club Indoor Shooting Range Acoustics System™

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Troy Acoustics engineers our systems to your exact requirements and specifications.  All our work is Guaranteed to meet all, OSHA, government, military, and civilian noise standards, regulations, and ordinances.  The benefits and impact of proper shooting range acoustic treatment will be felt and appreciated for years and years to come.

  • Meets OSHA guidelines for noise exposure limits under CFR Section 29 and the Air Force ETL
  • Guarantees a 1.25 reverberation time (RT60)
  • Certified by United States Air Force for anti-ricochet properties
  • Inch for inch, dollar for dollar the highest NRC and STC ratings in the industry
  • Absorbs 95% of all muzzle blast energy, at all frequencies
  • Troy Soundboard™ has a minimum density of not less than 2-pounds per square-foot per 1-inch
  • Troy Wool™ has a nominal density of no less than 2.5 pcf
  • Acoustic properties guaranteed for the life of the range

Not all acoustical products are created equal.  Troy meets and/or exceeds all issues listed above

There Is ONE and ONLY One Acoustical Sound Absorption and Noise Abatement System That Meets the Needs of Military, Government, And Law Enforcement Ranges

Troy is tested and proven since 1997 in over 60 military, government, and civilian indoor and outdoor installations including:  U.S. Secret Service, U.S. Customs and Border, Wright Patterson AFB, Special Operations and Command (5 Ranges), US Navy Seals, Department Homeland Security, Ankeny PD, Aurora PD, Fairfax, VA, Monmouth County PD, Montreal RCMP, Niagara Falls PD, Rockwall PD, San Diego SD, Cos Cob, CN, Illinois State Rifle Assoc.

The ONE and ONLY System Proven, Tested, and Guaranteed … Troy
Hear the difference.  Feel the difference.  Go Safe. Go Healthy.  Go Troy!