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Troy Acoustics

We Are A World Wide Supplier

Troy Acoustics: We Are A World Wide Supplier

Whether you are located on the East Coast in Norfolk, VA or Huntsville, AL or on the West Coast in San Diego, CA, a member of the Troy Team is ready to assist you with an acoustic solution. We specialize in niche markets including indoor and outdoor shooting ranges, (including firearms training facilities and driving tracks), sports facilities, broadcast, highway noise barriers, animal shelters and projects which involve critical noise absorption. Please call our convenient toll free number or write with any questions that you might have.

Troy Acoustics Shooting Ranges

Shooting Ranges

Troy Acoustics Sporting Facilities

Sporting Facilities

Troy Acoustics Animal Shelters

Animal Shelters

Troy Acoustics Highway Noise Barriers

Highway Noise Barriers

Troy Acoustics Broadcasting and Recording

Broadcasting and Recording