Troy – Acoustic Shooting Shed Kit™

You live in the middle of nowhere.  After dinner, nothing is finer than going out in the backyard with the wife and kids and fire off a few rounds.  Then it happens, at the bottom of the hill they build track housing.  The complaints about gunfire noise are nonstop!

There is a solution

Troy Acoustics Corporation has developed the Troy – Acoustic Shooting Shed Kit™.  Troy supplies you with plans, acoustical material, and fastening hardware.  You and/or your contractor assemble the shed with inexpensive materials that are available locally.  Then treat it with the supplied Troy System™.  The neighbors will hardly know you’re shooting, unless, you invite them over to “plink” a few rounds.

What is an Acoustic Shooting Shed?

Effectively an Acoustic Shooting Shed™ is a three-sided structure with a roof deck on a concrete slab or foundation.  The three sides and roof are treated with the patented Troy sound absorption, noise abatement System™.   This is the same System used by US Army Special Forces, Navy SEALs, the FBI, Secret Service and federal, state and local law enforcement across the country.

What Is The Troy System™?

The Troy System™ was specifically formulated for the intense sound pressure generated by small arms fire, absorbing a minimum of 95% of all muzzle blast energy, at all frequencies.  The materials used have the highest NRC in the industry and are noncombustible, fire resistant and perform in rain, snow, heat, and humidity without reducing material life or compromising acoustical performance.

How Does It Work?

Troy will provide you with plans for a typical design.  They are available for two up to as many shooters as you want, perfect for a club or private range.  (You are responsible for all permits, approvals, etc.)  Troy then will ship you the Troy System materials and fastening hardware to acoustically treat your Troy – Acoustic Shooting Shed™.  Have an existing structure?  Send us the plans, if the structure qualifies, Troy will send you the materials and shop drawings to treat it.

What Are The Benefits of Shooting In The Troy – Acoustic Shooting Shed™?

Not only will you reduce the noise leaving your property lines to acceptable levels you will protect all shooters from the harmful effects of gunfire noise (you still need to wear hearing protection).

What Does It Cost?

The acoustic materials for a two shooter Troy – Acoustic Shooting Shed™ with plans are $6,500.00 plus shipping.  You are responsible for the pad or foundation, framing, plywood, Hardi backer board, siding or steel sheeting, etc.  The construction can be as simple or elaborate as you want to make it.

How Do I Get A Troy – Acoustic Shooting Shed™?

That’s the easiest part of all – just leave us your contact information and we will get you shooting ASAP.

The ONE and ONLY System Proven, Tested, and Guaranteed … Troy
Hear the difference.  Feel the difference.  Go Safe. Go Quiet.  Go Troy!

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