Shooting Range Acoustics Primer

Loud noise is hazardous to your health!  Intensely loud noise as found on indoor shooting ranges is extremely hazardous to the health of anyone who trains, instructs, or is just a recreational shooter.

Hearing protection is not enough, even double protection.  Exposure to intense sound fields, besides leading to hearing loss and tinnitus, impacts the whole body with the most common indications being fatigue and headaches.  Longer exposure may lead to other conditions that can lead to disability claims and lawsuits.

The only way to protect the “whole” person is through engineering noise controls.

What are engineering noise controls for indoor shooting ranges?  It can be summed up with one word, acoustics.

To learn more about Shooting Range Acoustics Download Troy Acoustics’ highly regarded; A Primer On Indoor Shooting Range Acoustics.  The Troy Primer was featured in the NRA and RTTA Newsletters.

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Your range will meet all OSHA, government, military, and civilian noise standards, regulations, and ordinances.  Protect personal, able to train harder and longer, increase business, your range will be “family-friendly.”

The benefits and impact of proper shooting range acoustic treatment will be felt and appreciated by all for years and years to come.

The ONE and ONLY System Proven, Tested, and Guaranteed … Troy
Hear the difference.  Feel the difference.  Go Safe. Go Healthy.  Go Troy!
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