Range Specifications

SPECIFICATIONS: Indoor and Outdoor Shooting Range Acoustics

In order to meet all, OSHA, government, military, and civilian noise standards, regulations, and ordinances the installed acoustic materials and their application must have the following attributes:

  • An Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of .85 or better from octave bands of 125 Hz to 8,000 Hz  and are capable of maintaining their absorption coefficient at high-intensity sound levels
  • A Guaranteed ASTM Reverberation Time (RT60) of 1.3 seconds or less in all octave bands from 125 to 8000 Hz
  • Anti-ricochet and anti-splatter capability for errant rounds up to 5.56 and 7.62.  Allows penetration of bullets without splash back and without reducing the treatments acoustical performance
  • Sound Board minimum density: two (2) pounds per square-foot per each inch of thickness.
  • Sound Absorption material: mineral based, a nominal density of no less than two and one-half pounds per cubic foot (2.5 pcf) per inch
  • All materials be: Waterproof, and Mold Resistant, with surface material a mixture of Portland Cement and Wood Fibers
  • UL classified as Noncombustible with Flame Spread of 5 or less, and 0 Smoke Developed
  • All acoustic materials should warrantied and guaranteed by the manufacturer as to their specific performance on a shooting range
  • Treat 75% or more of all exposed surfaces

Download: Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) for Indoor Shooting Range Acoustics

Copy and paste this CSI Section 09 80 00 into your RFP 

(Keep in mind that the CSI does not consider noise isolation)

In order to assure that your range meets OSHA guidelines for noise exposure limits include the Construction Specification Institute (CSI) documentation in your Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request for Quote (RFQ). The link is as shown below. If you are working with an architectural firm ask them to review this document and add your local noise ordinance requirements and specify which zone you are in (i.e. industrial, commercial or residential) or if your zoning commission is imposing a more restrictive requirement due to your proximity to a residential area (which is typically the most restrictive). Note: zoning requirements are broken down into day time and evening standards.  You will need to advise us of your scheduled hours of operation.   The CSI on this website is strictly designed to assure that you meet OSHA guidelines for noise exposure limits and to assure a safer environment for those employed or shooting in the range. It does NOT consider noise isolation.  Ask your architect or specifier to modify this specification to include your local noise ordinance or other requirements such as noise levels in adjoining offices, classrooms or showroom.

We would be pleased to assist you with the Acoustics CSI portion of your RFQ or RFP 

Please contact:  Joan Terry Drucker – 800-987-3306 Ext. 400

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