Commercial/Gun Club Indoor Shooting Range Acoustics System™

A Quiet – Safe – Healthy – Family Friendly

Indoor Shooting Range Can Be Yours

For Only $7.75 a Square Foot

  • Don’t your customers and members deserve to shoot on an indoor range with the same quality as the US Navy SEALS, US Army Special Forces, the FBI and US Secret Service?

  • Don’t waste money on ineffective acoustic materials for your indoor shooting range when you can have the very best

  • Treat your range with the acknowledged leader in shooting range acoustic treatment the patented Troy System™ for only $7.75 a square foot

  • Reducing that sharp echoing sound in your range attracts more women, families and first time shooters

  • A range that is comfortable ACOUSTICALLY equals repeat and new customers

  • The Troy System™ was specifically designed for the intense sound pressures found on shooting ranges, absorbing 95% or more of all muzzle blast energy, at all frequencies

  • The Troy – Commercial Range System™ can be applied to your indoor shooting range for only $7.75 a square foot

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